Commentary: What ORU Must Do

10 24 2007


With the recent controversy surrounding the university, many wounds from the past are being reopened for students and alumni. No one wants to see their alma mater dragged through the mud.

It is our belief that if any Christian ministry or organization insists, (through action, word or deed), that their financial and internal dealings are strictly private matters – people should send their support elsewhere. A failure to display transparency demonstrates a lack of accountability.

Oral Roberts University is not owned by the Roberts family. It was made possible through the contributions of hard-working men and women of faith. In our opinion, the university and has an obligation to assure the public that it operates in a upstanding manner.

We contend that the best way to dispel the current cloud of rumors and allegations is for the ORU Board of Regents to:

  1. Make an absolute commitment to transparency in all of their dealings.
  2. Place a term limit on the presidency.
  3. Establish measures to limit family control.
  4. Make the results of the audit and investigations available to the public.
  5. Join the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

The regents owe all students, alumni, faculty, employees and donors a point-by-point response to the allegations. The eyes of the world and the media are watching, and it’s a great opportunity to make the ORU community proud.

We live in the information age, and many tools exist to evaluate non-profits today. The following websites are a great place to start:

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) has seven standards by which all members must comply, visit their website at to learn more.

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4 responses to “Commentary: What ORU Must Do”

26 10 2007
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3 11 2007
Kevin Johnson (07:37:45) :

Hello brother man…you must forward this on to the ORU Nation…finally a song that speaks the truth…


3 12 2007
DJ CLAY (12:50:55) :

great job on the website. with richard in the past it is time to take the university back, and then we all need to go buy some random-what-not at hobby lobby…

this just in “RICHARD APOLOGIZES: ORU SLIM 2” now available at :

15 01 2008
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